Why Not Outlet Prices for Tourists?

Rising ‘factory outlet’ or ‘manufacturer-direct’ prices have become commonplace, but are we getting real ‘outlet or direct’ prices? Middlemen, agents or even retailers suffer in the modern internet-based environment and large stores that seem to

Rising ‘factory outlet’ or ‘manufacturer-direct’ prices have become commonplace, but are we getting real ‘outlet or direct’ prices?

Middlemen, agents or even retailers suffer in the modern internet-based environment and large stores that seem to offer the lowest prices but still make huge profits are common.

The world of agents from insurance to travel to finance is feeling a crisis as they are quickly perceived as expensive overhead by manufacturers, providers or manufacturers.

Tourists Fill Europe’s Outlet Malls

Airlines started the collapse of the travel agency system when they started eliminating agency commissions and over-rides and switching to online booking systems aimed directly at consumers, forcing some retail agents to charge additional booking fees. Now you can find airline reservation sites that charge for online seat selection plus anything else they can do. Are their savings passed on to consumers?

Insurance companies began to advertise direct transactions as banks do with the development of their internal financial planners (not at all independent, but just another name for sellers of bank products). Do they keep the old commissions for themselves or do they pass the savings on to consumers?

Let’s focus on one of the biggest consumer spends throughout life – leisure travel, business travel, leisure and travel, and Retail Travel Agents or Agencies:

1. This is absolutely necessary before consumers can access websites from B&Bs to Hotels,
Luxury Inns and Tour Operators or if you want to pick up expensive glossy brochures.
2. This is absolutely necessary before travel providers and tour operators allow consumers to
book directly with them on the internet with reservation systems and booking requirements that require little training or expertise.
3. It’s really necessary before airlines promote their own booking services and get greedier for any percentage or extra fees and want to get rid of travel agents due to expensive and excessive overhead.

Now, these agencies are only really needed if travelers want knowledge, experience and expertise about a particular destination, activity, or tour company, or of course, those travelers are still not on the web.

Don’t feel too sorry for the retail agents as reputable travel consultants are essential for travelers with complex travel plans or who are venturing into lesser-known areas of the world. All is not dark for travel agents with knowledge, experience and expertise because consumers who need these professionals now have access to the web wherever they are and no longer need to use local agents unless they have the necessary skills. However, they must still be found because they may not be in your area or even in your own country.

There are different forms and levels of travel intermediaries – Inbound Tour Operators, Wholesalers, Retail Agencies, all of whom earn a percentage from the original travel provider for their advertising, promotion and sales efforts, this percentage can range from 10% to 25% or even more! When you see a travel advert offering a $200 discount per person and you book through a retail agent, you are still paying commission, so by booking directly with the operator you should get a special offer and save commission as well.

Some travel operators already offer their products directly to consumers but at the same price as consumers get from retail agents. It’s fair enough that these providers don’t use intermediaries but if they also sell through retailers, their prices should be ‘commission deducted’ for direct bookers and ‘retail’ for agent sales.

When consumers go directly to a travel provider this percentage of intermediaries shouldn’t apply but providers are sometimes in trouble. Displaying net prices and retail prices on their website can deter intermediaries from handling their products. Until now.

Travel providers can now offer net prices directly to consumers by using the TopTravelVoucher service at TopTravelSites.com. This website basically operates as a travel agency that doesn’t sell trips on behalf of the travel operator, but instead generates travelers who go directly to the provider for information and bookings. Since the website doesn’t require a brick and mortar office, expensive glossy brochures, travel introduction and computer reservation systems plus all the other paraphernalia of operating a travel agency, it can give travelers a discount on sales commissions as a reward for handling their own arrangements directly with the operator. journey.

This innovative consumer travel service offers travel discounts in more than 70 countries to travelers who purchase TopTravelVouchers at deep discounts. They offer their services to the global travel trade community and global travelers. They charge no travel trade fees for any promotional services and allow multiple listings for all types of travel products as long as consumers get the net price.

Consumers do not need to buy before seeing travel offers and can also buy vouchers to be used as gift certificates. All vouchers come with a 100% money back guarantee and even if the traveler is not happy after completing the trip, the money for the voucher is still 100% refundable.

Currently you can get TopTravelVouchers for Escorted Tours, Eco Tours, Adventure Tours, Small Cruises, Lodging, Resorts, Hotels, B&Bs and new products arriving every day.

Some tours offer a fixed percentage of the retail price while other vouchers have a fixed value. One voucher for a Greek Cruise is worth 1,500 euros and can be purchased for as little as $100 USD and there are many guided tours around the world that offer a 10% discount on the price of the tour, which can be significant depending on the length of the tour and the number of tourists. If you have a family or a group of travelers you can often buy a voucher for each person (there’s a special 7 day Thai River Rovers cruise that appeals to me if I can find some friends to join the charter).

So now, no matter where you live or wherever you want to go, you can book discounted trips from your home, internet cafe or laptop anywhere in the world. You can be at the tour operator’s office and online and get a voucher and then hand it over for instant savings. Not bad huh?

This website and concept is a first for the internet and with the support of the global travel trade from the smallest to the giant travel operators, it can only grow bigger with expanded product choices and savings as this aspect of internet travel seems to be on an endless growth path.

Travelers who go directly to travel websites should do their own due diligence, talk for free with skype, 800 number or email with operators, read testimonials, check latest prices and last minute offers, place orders and check topTravelVouchers for massive discounts in order to get fairer ticket prices. If your tour operator doesn’t offer a ‘commission reduced’ tour price when you make your own booking, ask or suggest they start offering these vouchers and you’ll start saving on your trip.


While this service is not yet a common word for travelers, the TopTravelVoucher service from TopTravelSites.com is well on its way to making a difference as we can now find true outlet prices for a wide selection of travel direct from frequent tour operators, wholesalers and even retail travel agents. run their own in-house tour program. All looking to expand their reach to a growing international client base of travelers who are comfortable with handling their own travel arrangements and who all want fairer fares.

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